Configuring Firefox

KDE Default browser
Konqueror is the default browser in KDE which means that if you click on a link in another application such as an irc or msn client the web page will open in Konqueror.

To make Firefox your default web browser open Control Center -> KDE Components -> Component Chooser. Click on Web Browser and then choose “in the following browser” and write “mozilla-firefox” (without the “”). Click apply

Then go to KDE Components -> File Assosiations and then text -> html. Choose ‘Firefox Web Browser’ from the ‘Application Preference Order’ and click on Move Up, until it comes first. Hit apply and you are set.
Acrobat Plugin
To be able to view pdf documents through Firefox you must have adobe acrobat reader installed as described here . Restart firefox and type about:plugins in the address bar. If the plugin has been successfully installed you should see ‘Adobe Reader’ among plugins.
Flash Plugin
If you visit a page which needs flash to be displayed correctly click on the the missing plugin icon and Firefox will automatically install it for you. Restart firefox and type about:plugins in the address bar. If the plugin has been successfully installed you should see ‘Shockwave Flash’ among plugins.

* Adobe Flash Plugin

Alternativelly you can install the Adobe Fedora Repository and install/update Flash plugin easilly. Open a console and type:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh Now you can install flash plugin by typing:

$ sudo yum install flash-plugin
and update it like that:

$ sudo yum update flash-plugin

By default this repository will be enabled. I prefer to disable it and enable it manually each time I want to look if there is an update for Flash Plugin. To odo so type:

$ sudo yum update flash-plugin
and change enabled=1 to enabled=0. Now whenever you want to look for an update you can type:

$ sudo yum –enablerepo=adobe-linux-i386 install flash-plugin
or update by typing:

* $ sudo yum –enablerepo=adobe-linux-i386 update flash-plugin

* Open Source Gnash Plugin

Fedora 8 comes with an open source flash plugin. To install it type:

$ sudo yum install gnash gnash-pluginGnash for some reason installs its plugin into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins when it needs to be in /usr/lib/firefox-

So to fix this type:

$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ /usr/lib/firefox- careful to replace the correct Firefox version in the above command.

**Note: Thanks to nomb for that info!

Mplayer Plugin
The mplayer plugin allows you to view video files through Firefox. To install it type:

$ sudo yum install mplayerplug-in

Restart firefox and check if the plugins have successfully installed by typing about:plugins in the address bar. You should find listed there ‘mplayerplug-in’, ‘Windows Media Player Plugin’, ‘RealPlayer 9’, ‘QuickTime Plug-in’ and ‘DivX Browser Plug-In’.
java Plugin
For detailed information on how to install Java plugin for Firefox as well as Sun’s Java Development Kit Installation look at my guide’s Chapter 20 JAVA Installation .
mms streaming play
In the address bar type:

Right click somewhere and select NEW and then STRING. Type this in the box:
Click ok and in the box type the program you want to open the streaming media with, such as /usr/bin/mplayer.

Next right click again and select NEW and then BOOLEAN. Type this in the box:

Click ok and then type:

Set backspace button
By default in Fedora’s Firefox when you press the backspace button it scrolls the page up. If you want backspace to take you to the previous page type in the address bar:

and in Filter box type:

Right click on it, select Modify and change its value from 1 to 0. Restart Firefox and the backspace will be set.


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