YUI: CSS Grid Builder

I was playing with Blue Print (CSS framwork) but couldn’t find the way i wanted 😦 , or i can say that it takes too much time more than i expected. So I googled and found YUI. Oh! what can i say it saved my life anyway. 🙂

I found lot’s of tutorial and can be able to play quite smoothly with it. Nice library features and vast area of usages.

CSS Builder

So folks enter the YUI: CSS Grid Builder and get that how Yahoo! has spent thousands of hours crafting web pages and testing them across all the possible OS and browser combinations (yes, even Opera). The end result of all this testing was the public release of the Yahoo! User Interface CSS and JavaScript libraries. The CSS Grid Builder is a simple web-based interface for quickly creating any number of layouts that rely solely on YUI’s CSS files. This gives you the advantage of easily and visually laying out designs without using tables, and they will work the same way in every popular browser.

Enjoy 😉

Ref: downloadsquad


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