Naraio : a complete software bundle of Trac and SVN authentication including OpenLDAP

About Naraio :
Naraio is a free and open source product. It consists of Apache, OpenLDAP, MySql, PHP, Openssl, Perl, Trac, Subversion, Ruby, Python, PhpLDAPadmin and, PhpMyAdmin. It is easy, secure, small and flexible.

Where you can use ?
Naraio can be used as directory service(openldap), Project management(trac), Version control (subversion), web development, and database management (Mysql). Other open source products can be easily installed in Naraio.

Key features
Naraio is available for Linux operating system like Fedora, Redhat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu and use for web development projects. Naraio comes with setup script for easy installation and backup. Naraio authenticates users with compiled openldap. Naraio is good product for lazy system administrator. Naraio installation/setup doesn’t take more than 5 mins as it is very difficult to install all components separately. It is easy to move installed Naraio from one system to another.

Naraio includes :

> OpenSSL
> Berkeley DB
> zlib
> Apache
> Gettext
> Python
> Perl
> Ruby
> Swig
> Neon
> Docutils
> PySqlite
> cyrus-sasl
> libtool
> Subversion
> Trac
> PythonLDAP
> Mysql
> PhpMyAdmin
> PhpLDAPadmin

Interested? Wanna Download?

Download Naraio

Who should use Naraio ?
If you are lazy system administrator you should give a try ….. 😛


About Tanveer
RIA (Rich Internet Application) Developer with a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design. Always interested in migration projects, as well as close interaction with the DB manufacturers.

3 Responses to Naraio : a complete software bundle of Trac and SVN authentication including OpenLDAP

  1. Ariel Balter says:

    my browser (chrome) claims that contains malware.

    Where can I find documentation on how to use naraio and what it actually installs on my system?

  2. Alex says:

    Great, exactly what I need, I must try it

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