Pasteboard is a free and simple clipboard management tool

Pasteboard is free

There’s no dearth of clipboard management applications. These are usually tools that let you copy and paste multiple snippets of text, append text to your clipboard, or manage images and other rich content in all sorts of clever ways.

Pasteboard doesn’t even try to compete with that sort of functionality. It’s a single-file application (if you don’t count the readme and the PDF manual) that is free, portable, and — at just 964KB of RAM on my system — very lightweight.

All it does is give you 10 text fields that you can copy and paste text into. When you close the application, the content of each field is automatically saved, and will show up the next time you run Pasteboard. It’s stored as plain text, too — so if you need to strip links or formatting off of text that you copied from a website, you can just paste it into Pasteboard.

This is nothing you couldn’t do with Stickies or with a ton of other applications, but Pasteboard is simple, lightweight, and it does what it says on the tin.

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